1The Legionnaires of St. Maurice is a Catholic Men’s group organized to assist men in leading themselves, their families, and society to Jesus Christ.


Commission Statement:  To provide mutual support and encouragement for Catholic men to grow in the Catholic faith as fathers, husbands and single men, and to translate their spiritual growth in virtue and fidelity into sacrificially leading their families, friends, and society back to Jesus Christ.

Scriptural Passage:   I say to my servant, ‘Do this’, and he does it. –  Matt. 8:9

Patronage: The Legionnaires of St. Maurice is under the patronage of the “centurion triumvirate” of St. Maurice, St. Cornelius, and St. Longinus, as well as St. Michael the Archangel, St. Joseph, and our Blessed Mother under the title, Our Lady of Good Success.


  • to unite Catholic men in an association of mutual support and brotherhood;
  • to ignite and sustain the image of the Catholic father and masculinity in the Church and society by re-committing our lives to the Church, our wives and children and recovering the sacrificial role of father and husband;
  • to foster a prayer and worship life of fraternal unity and spiritual battle to confront the powers and principalities of this dark age;
  • to grow in understanding of the Catholic faith and defend it inside and outside the Catholic Church against those who wish to compromise her solemn teachings, laws, and disciplines;
  • to advance the Catholic faith through sacrifice in the new evangelization and, in particular, supporting family initiatives.

Four Columns:  The Legionnaries seek to engage their commission and attain their objectives by seeking Christ’s face through · Fellowship · Adoration · Catechesis · Evangelization.  These four columns provide the  constitution which direct the activities of the Legionnaires.

Spirituality:  The Legion’s spriritual life is centered around Eucharistic and Marian piety.  Aside from personal time and group prayer events, the Legionnaires are also committed to restoring the place of family prayer within Catholic families with the father, as head of the household, taking a leadership role in fostering and encouraging the family’s spiritual devotions.


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