Band of Christian Brothers

Written By: David Gilbert

Among the most serious crises facing our society today is the lack of true men. Women, children, the Church and the world are yearning for true men to setup and assist God in the mission of saving the world by saving souls.

This is why I am overjoyed to announce the launching of the Band of Christian Brothers fraternity!

It is a fraternity that emboldens men to grow in faith and virtue, and to encourage each other in this pursuit. I encourage you to learn more about us and the Code of Honour and Spirituality that we adhere to.

It is no coincidence that the birth of the Band of Christian Brothers is on October 7th. It is the feast day of Our Lady of the Rosary (also known as the feast of Our Lady of Victory), the anniversary of the decisive victory of the combined Catholic forces of the Holy League in 1571 at the Battle of Lepanto, crushing the Ottoman fleet and stopping the further maritime expansion and raiding of the Muslim conquers.

This date holds major significance to the fraternity since it is through Our Lady (who leads us to Christ) that we will be granted victory over our battle with evil and sin. It is also a great reminder that we Catholic Christian men need to unite to fight this common foe.
It has been the work of the Holy Spirit (and some faithful men and priests) that has guided us to create a fraternity to unite the Catholic men’s movement under the banner of Christ through a common code of honour to live by and spirituality (which is Eucharistic and Marian) that we draw our strength and graces from. From this we intend to embolden men to live in faith and virtue while feeding the Church with more men coming to her aid.
We hope in the following months that the fraternity will become a confraternity within the Church.

If you and/or your men’s group are interested in joining the Band of Christian Brothers fraternity (click here) or have some questions about it, click here.
Please pray for me and the Band of Christian Brothers fraternity as we embark on faithfully following God’s Will.

God bless you all!

Band of Christian Brothers


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